About Us

At Life Energy Chiropractic we educate and encourage our clients to explore healthy lifestyle changes to live longer, happier and stress free lives. Life Energy Chiropractic's passion is to deliver natural health care in a new and effective manner, influenced through regular adjustments, developing clean eating regimes, introducing active exercises and implementing stress free management plans. 


Life Energy Chiropractic specialises in the use of gentle, specific chiropractic care plans to restore and rehabilitate muscle and joint dysfunction. We work to restore proper cellular metabolism, through reducing cumulative toxic load and oxidative stress to the body, which will allow normalization of mitochodrial respiration, cellular energy production, and ultimately a reduction of the signs and symptoms of chronic disease. We aim to improve neurological and vascular integrity and any structural imbalances that may be present.  


We help to transform lives by reforming the standard of patient care. Life Energy Chiropractic uses all natural methods and products which deliver tangible results, encouraging Individuals to develop personal awareness and motivation toward wellness as a primary goal. We address the whole body, understanding there is nothing more important than you optimising your full potential. The ability to move without pain, function better and heal faster are lifelong gifts for yourself and your family.


If you are someone who values optimal health, not being dependent on drugs and are interested in preventing chronic disease and want to find the cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms, then Life Energy Chiropractic is privileged to help you reach your optimum health.

"It is the job of the spine to keep the brain alert. The moment the spine collapses, the brain collapses"


                                                   BKS IYENGAR