WHO defines rehabilitation as, "combined and co-ordinated utilisation of medical, social, educational and vocational means for training or restoration of the highest degree of functional capability."

According to Professor Pavel Kolar founder of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) "Treatment rehabilitation is an integral part of healthcare and includes a complex of rehabilitative, diagnostic, therapeutic and organisational actions directed toward reaching an individual’s maximum functional potential and establishing conditions for its achievement." 

Dynamic Neuro Muscular Stabilisation, is primarily used to restore dysfunction of movements that has occurred through birth, injury, stress or faulty patterns from incorrect training techniques. DNS assesses and restores proper motor control of locomotion through neurodevelopmental aspects which are established programs at birth that effectively controls human posture, movement and gait. DNS is very safe and practical, ranging from basic core stabilisation exercises to advanced movement sequences that helps every athlete achieve the ultimate performance in any sport.