What to Expect

Clive’s ultimate goal is to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy, not merely alleviating symptoms. Clive sincerely is here to help you overcome whatever has been holding you back from enjoying time with your family, sport, hobbies, work and travel.  

We want you to feel warm and welcomed on your arrival, knowing what to expect when you first visit Life Energy Chiropractic because we know new environments can be a little stressful.

First Visit

The first step for a new Chiropractic patient is to complete our health history intake forms. The details of your health as it pertains to acute and chronic problems are recorded as are other details of your overall state of well-being.

Consultation and History: 
You will have a consultation with Clive to discuss your health related problems, concerns and potential care options. This initial visit is designed for Clive to learn more about you, your condition and expectations to determine how chiropractic care can meet your desired outcomes.

Clive will complete a comprehensive assessment based on a full health, family and personal history, working to establish personalised goals to help you back to optimum health.

Chiropractic Examination:

After your consultation, Clive will perform a complete chiropractic examination including:

After Clive studies your case history and spinal examination findings, a care plan will be designed to return you to optimum health. 


Depending on the result of the assessments, x-rays may be ordered to get a detailed picture of your spine. X-rays help us develop the most effective care plan for you and shows us how stress has been affecting your spine over the course of many years.

Doctors of chiropractic receive over 300 hours of x-ray studies at university prior to graduating and thus are fully trained to identify subtle abnormalities of the spine as well as more serious pathologies which require immediate medical intervention.

Standard Visits:

After the time invested in your initial consultation, a standard visit will follow in the same or following week based on how acute or chronic the presentation of your condition is.  A regular office visit generally takes 15 -20 minutes (depending on each individual case). With a full understanding of your present history, treatment commences with a broad range of gentle and safe techniques, some which include structural adjustments, myofascial release, Functional Medicine, Integrative Acupuncture (Japanese style acupuncture), Functional Rehabilitation (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation) and NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique removing psycho-emotional barriers)

The aim of our treatments is to help you improve your strength, balance, flexibility, ranges of motion, stability and functionality.  When you move and feel well this allows you to ultimately gain your confidence back living health the way you were born to.


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